Mrs. Kelly's Classroom

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Dear Parents, Caregivers, Students and Friends,

As I begin the school year, I find myself filled with anticipation—how about you? I know this is going to be a great year in Mrs. Kelly’s classroom. I have always had the policy that any parent is welcome to join us in the classroom for a day of learning, if you give me enough notice to get you a chair! After years of teaching, I know the difference between a good year and an outstanding year will be the partnership that we develop between parent, teacher, and child. I know that when parents are involved, students reach higher, read more, and grow by leaps and bounds.

Though our students are growing more independent, you remain the biggest influence in your child’s life. Let’s use the power of your influence to enrich this school year. It is not just the quantity of time you might spend in our room, but it is the value that you place on education that will make the difference.

I will try to always keep you informed of:

  • What is happening at school
  • What is happening in the classroom
  • What is happening in the 5th grade

I will communicate all information through:

  • Newsletters
  • School to Home Binder
  • Reports & flyers
  • Periodic phone calls

I guarantee that I will:

  • Greet your child each morning with a warm smile, and the expectation that they are a critical part of our classroom community
  • Encourage your child to take part in the learning by preparing engaging lessons
  • Stimulate and challenge your child everyday through problem solving activities
  • Make sure that your child feels emotionally and physically safe in the classroom
  • Enable your child to be a part of a culture that celebrates and accepts success and failure

I look forward to a productive and exciting year with students and their families. If there is something you would like to share with the class or me, I can be reached at any time before or after school, or on my cell phone (913-961-2430). Here’s to a great year together!



Mrs. Kelly