MTHS001- College Algebra


Ateneo de Naga University

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics



1.       Linear Equations

·         Solving LE in one variable

·         Solving LE in two variables

·         Linear Functions

·         Forms of Linear Equations

·         Graphing


2.       System of Linear Equations

·         Elimination

·         Substitution

·         Graphical


3.       Linear Inequalities

·         Solving LI in one variable

·         Solving LI in two variables

·         Graphs, Solution Set and Shaded Region


4.       System of Linear Inequalities

·         The intersection region

·         Broken vs. unbroken line

·         Describing the solution set


5.       Applications

·         Linear Equation

·         Linear Inequalities


6.       Linear Programming

·         Minimum and Maximum

·         Feasible Region

·         Constraints


7.       Quadratic Functions

·         Parabola

·         Vertex

·         Quadratic Formula


8.       Functions

·         Absolute value Functions

·         Piece-wise Functions

·         Ceiling and Floor Functions

·         Rational Functions

·         Exponential Functions

·         Logarithmic Functions




·    ¼ index card with info

·   Attend Classes Punctually

·   Take all the Exams on time

·   Bond Papers during Exams and Quizzes





Class Standing                                   40%

                Quizzes                                15%

                Project                10%

                Problem Set       10%

                Attendance          5%

Prelims                                                 10%

Midterm                                              20%                       

Pre-Finals                                            10%

Finals                                                     20%

                                TOTAL               100 %       



- Any college algebra book will do. Just find the topics in the course outline.



-Late Submission of requirements will not be accepted

- Graphing notebook is required every session. Without the notebook, he will not be allowed to enter the class.


For other concerns just visit the AS Faculty Lounge (Ground Floor of Dolan Building) on the scheduled consultation times.


Prepared by:

Mr. Keneth Adrian P. Dagal, M.M.