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Classroom Happenings 1-22-08
   I am sorry about not having the newsletter ready on Friday. With an afternoon meeting on Thursday, my week got all thrown off.
    I hope all of you enjoyed the little bit of snow we got on Saturday. I am just glad it snowed just a little or there would have been a lot of upset children.
    Thanks to all the parents who sent in snacks for our 100th day celebration. It was a celebration all day!!!
    Today we learned about Martin Luther King and his life. We also celebrated the 101 day of school by watching "101 Dalmatians". We couldn't have recess anyway, so it turned out well.
     Starting tomorrow we will be learning about Fossils by learning about Dinosaurs and Rocks. We will be learning facts and doing some experiments. The students will really enjoy this.
    In Math, we will be learning about place value and number patterns. We will also be reviewing addition and subtraction.
    Please keep reading with your child at home. The more practice the better!!! Also if your child does not return their Reading Folder daily they will have to sit out at Recess for 5 minutes. It is crucial they have their materials in their groups. The same will happen for those who are not turning in their Spelling homework on Fridays. Those that do, will be rewarded!!!

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What will we be learning?

Social Studies: Fossils (Dinosaurs) and Rocks

Science: Experimenting with Rocks and Fossils

Math: Ch. 13-Place Value & Number Patterns

Phonics: Long u (u_e)

Reading: Sam, the Knee High-Man
***I have been reading this test to the students. Starting Friday I will no longer read them the test unless they are on an accommodation plan.

Spelling: rule, mule, cute, flute, tube, tune
***Remember your child has SPELLING homework due EVERY FRIDAY!!!!! The list of activities to choose from are in their binder! This counts as a grade!
Sight Words: been, clean, done, far

Dictation Sentence: The mule is cute.

Language: Using go and do


 We have read 2,600 books at home! Keep up the good work at home! I will be checking their calendars every week!!!!
Number of Books Read Club
40 Club- Brooklyn, Lesly, Teyionna, Wilmar, Eduardo, Haley, Jessie
100 Club- Mark
120 Club-

140 Club-
160 Club-
180 Club- Alexis, Chandler

200 Club-
Sydney, Randi, Mira Abbie, Alex,
300 Club- Lucas, Michael

January 24- Author Herman Parrish of Amelia Bedelia books visits MVES
February 4-8: Book Fair
February 5: Grandparent's Breakfast A-L
February 7: Grandparent's Breakfast M-Z
(Book Fair will be open both days.)
February 12: Dental Visit
February 18: Inclement Weather Day
(No   School if not needed for weather day)
March 14: No School - Teacher Workday
March 17-21: Spring Break

Our star student last week was Jessie. We learned that she is from China. She also likes to jump rope and likes to eat apples. Our Star Student next week will be Haley. She will be our last star student of the year.