Mrs. Regan's Homework

Date:  Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Math:  We have completed Unit 9 and will be taking our unit test tomorrow, Wednesday.  Homework is to study and finish p. 246-247 all problems in the textbook. 

Spelling-  5x each and a meaningful sentence for each missed word

Science-Meteorology Project.  Parents review the science fair packet with your child and initial the pacing sheet.  Your student needs to bring the packet in to have me sign off on their sheet.  The next sign-off is due 2/4 on Thursday.

English:  Metaphor worksheet-if not finished in class

Social Studies:

Vocabulary:  Due by Thursday each week. 

Example for vocabulary:

-Treacherous  (adjective).  guilty of treachery, likely to betray

The treacherous thief took the food after he said he wouldn't.


The following are great websites to look up words.  (Wordcentral is my favorite)