Discovery Quest

Discovery Quest for January:

 All students have been assigned a state to research.  Students need to report on the weather and climate of different cities in the state.  Please refer to information sent from each individual teacher.

Mrs. Regan's class-All scripts are due on January 25.  Presentations will take place from the 26th-28th of January.

Mrs. Regan's directions.  The students were given a hard copy of the directions on Friday, January 8. 

Discovery Quest for January Students, you are going to be meteorologists this month!  Each of you will be assigned a state to report the weather and climate.   
  • Your state is_______________________.
  • Please research and report the weather (day to day) and climate (long term weather trends for a specific area) for three cities from different parts of your state. 
  • You will write a script for your newscast.  Your script will include all of your information.  Do your best to use new vocabulary we have learned in our Meteorology Unit.
  • Your weather report needs to be between 1-2 minutes in length. 
  • Please bring a picture of the weather you are discussing.  It can be a photograph, a computer printout or a hand-drawn visual aid.
  • Your final script will be turned in and needs to be written in cursive. 
  • You can read from your script when reporting to the class.  Remember to look up often and have good eye contact with your crowd.  Practice speaking loud and clear at a nice pace. 
 Example of the beginning of your script:         Good afternoon.  My name is _________.  I am reporting the weather and climate for the state of______________.  The first city I will tell you about is called _______________. Please include many adjectives describing your weather as you complete your script!  Students, please have your weather report completed by Monday, January 25.  We will report on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.