Weekly Spelling List

On this page, you will find the week's spelling words.  This list will be updated on a weekly basis.

Each Monday, students are assigned a set of 15 spelling words, with an additional 5 challenge words.  Students are expected to practice their spelling words each night, in addition to already assigned homework.  You will find a list of suggested nightly activities for the spelling words.

Below, please find the words for the week of June 4, 2012.  This week's test will be on June 9.

Spelling Words:                         Challenge/Vocabulary Words

  1. overnight                                            1. habitat
  2. bicycle                                               2. spinneret
  3. nonstop                                              3. abdomen
  4. overdue                                              4.  elaborate
  5. overlook                                             5.  justice
  6. biweekly                                             6.  inventive
  7. overflow
  8. nonsense
  9. oversee
  10. overhead
  11. nonfiction
  12. overcoat
  13. nonfat
  14. overdone
  15. biplane


Below, please find activities to study the spelling words.  These activities are to be turned in, in addition to regular homework


Monday – write spelling words in sentences, for a total of 21 sentences.

Tuesday– write spelling words in alphabetical order

Wednesday – write a story with your spelling words, using at least 10 of the words.

Thursday – take a mock spelling test at home.