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Typing a response to a worksheet on Pages, then airdropping it to me.


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This week's story: 

Unit 6.3:  Talking Walls                                                           Genre:  Photo Essay

Vocabulary Words:

1.  encourage – gives someone courage or confidence; urges on

2.  expression – the act of putting into words or visual medium

3.  local – about a certain place, especially nearby; not far away

4.  native – belonging to someone because of that person’s birth

5.  settled – set up the first towns and farms in an area

6.  social – concerned with human beings as a group

7.  support – to help; aid

Spelling Words:

1.  question

2.  creature

3.  furniture

4.  division

5.  collision

6.  action

7.  direction

8.  culture

9.  vacation

10. mansion

11. fiction

12. feature

13. sculpture

14. vision

15. celebration

16. fascination

17. legislature

18. manufacture

19. possession

20. declaration

More Words to Know:

1.  canvas – a type of cloth, often made of cotton

2.  murals – large paintings painted directly on a wall

3.  residents – people who live in a place

4.  appreciates – admires greatly, values

5.  downhearted – low in spirit, depressed

6.  pondered – reflected or considered with thought  and care

Spelling & Phonics:

Syllables –tion, -sion, -ture

Social Studies Content:


Fact & Opinion, Answer Questions, Glossary


Combining Sentences

Writing Trait of the Week:

Organization/Paragraphs, Informational  Paragraphs

What happens if i finish with my work early?

Finish any old work

Read a book

Fill out a Story Map

Take an AR test

Watch this video on Sign Language MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE CAPTIONS ON