Use and Application of Customized Tungsten Carbide Material

We are an innovative and advanced industrial manufacturer of tungsten carbide used in wide range of applications. Our range of high tech machines helps in production of excellent tungsten products. Along with the production equipment, we have machines which test the quality and purity of the product.
Carbide Products for Industrial Application

We produce with range of carbide products like rods, plates, bars, or stone cutting equipment. Our experts helps in customizing and providing the carbides based on the designs and drawing specification of the client. The tungsten carbide road is available in different size and length.

It is used for constructing carbide cutting tools.These products are available in varying length and helps in making instruments for tool cutting. The tungsten carbide rods are used in designing carving knife, end mills, reamers, anti-vibration tools etc.

Application of High End TungstenMaterial With us, you can buy tungsten which are of high industrial quality and used in wide range of application. We assure of the quality and ensure all the tungsten is of high grade. Our advanced technology produces tungsten in all shape and size.

•    The tungsten is used for designing cutters, knives, drill bits, metal or cutting tools.
•    The melting point of tungsten is high, and the material used in hard which makes the tungsten product of high quality.
.    All the tungsten and carbide products at Zhuzhou Kerui Cemented Carbide Co. Ltd are of high grade.