May 11-15

Final Friday, May 15th

This would be a day of recalling great times, celebrating each other, and wrapping up all classroom things.   We would have some down time and cleaning time and hugs and tears time…but most of all we would have a time to Thank God for each other!!  We are blessed to be able to pray, worship, sing, and learn together!  Even through this time of quarantine, He is near!! 


My final assignment for you today is to find something you don’t really like to do that your parents ALWAYS ask you to do and DO IT!! This could simply be helping with the dishes, or going outside, or giving a big hug, but do something for your parents that they ask you to do all the time that you really don’t love doing.  Your parents have done SO much for you!! I ask you do something awesome for them!! 


Finally, I miss EVERY single one of you!!  It was SO nice to see some of you yesterday!!  Please know that I pray for you and your families daily.  Have an awesome summer and learn something you didn’t think you could do YET!!! 


Please continue to READ, READ, READ!!  I know you will be able to access Epic and Tumble books at least through the end of July.  Find something you love and read about it!!  Today….Read TO someone.  It can be a picture of a family member, but read to someone.  Share your favorite story.


Color the days on your Easter Calendar if you printed it. This Sunday is the 6th Sunday of Easter (36 days)!! This coming Thursday is Ascension Thursday (We may celebrate it on the 7th Sunday of Easter).  Ask someone about it or look it up. 

Continue to practice for First Holy Communion!! We will see each other then!

Pray ALL the time!! Jesus hears!!


Our  final zoom meeting will be emailed to you before 2:30 today!!   See you then.



Thursday, May 14th   


Explore Tumble books and Epic.  Epic has audiobooks.  My favorites are the “I Survived” series.  I also love all the National Geographic books.  There are videos that go along with the National Geographic series about all kinds of animals. Check them out!! Go to the field trips and more link and venture to the Zoo links!! I saw a panda at the National Zoo this morning!!  What will you see?


Use the link from Tuesday to guide your math adventures.  Make sure you scroll down to the free math games!!  I really had fun with


Color day 33 on your Easter Calendar if you printed it!!

If you have Formed, watch the video about Fatima.  Yesterday was Our Lady of Fatima’s Feast Day!! 


I hope you had an awesome day yesterday!! The weather was wonderful and everything looked like so much fun!!  We would have seen a movie and had popcorn in the afternoon, so maybe you can choose a movie as a family and celebrate tonight! 



Terrific Tuesday, May 12th   

Space Follow Up

I found this great virtual field trip that talks about liquid in space!!  I can’t remember who asked about drinking in space, but this is another fun lesson!!

Click here


Feel free to try out these links for math games.  You have to scroll down to find the links, but there are so many good links that are free!!  Explore and enjoy!! I tried the most difficult game in the world.  It is a challenge.  I only passed the first level!!

Library Reminder

PLEASE check for any library books you may have at home!! Bring them back with your reading book during your check in time!!


Pray for an end to this pandemic.  Pray for our diocese as we begin to go back to Mass in a different way.  Sing 10,000 Reasons with the hand motions.   


This week we will use to explore some online resources and join together to celebrate our successful year.  Here are some reminders:

Monday- Zoom meeting with Mr. Weis at 2:30.  Bring two questions you have always wanted to know about space. 

Visit the links page and check out some of the NASA stem projects online.  Visit any of our online book resources (tumblebooks/epic) Read about anything space.  What did you learn?

Practice any of the games on the math board or any math game you find online.

Pray for those that have the Corona virus.