Classroom Plan

This year we will be implementing a new classroom plan. This plan will help establish our rules and procedures in the classroom. During the first few weeks of school, your student has learned all about the classroom rules and procedures. They are expected to follow these procedures around the school and in the classroom this year. By following these rules, students will be able to create a safe and fun learning environment for everyone in our class. In this letter, I will explain our rules and how you can help implement these rules in our classroom. 


You Can:

-Talk to your student about why rules are important.

-Review/talk about these rules with your student.


Our Rules: 

-Be inclusive by treating others the way you want to be treated

-Be respectful to all of your classmates, teachers, and all the things around you. 

-Be safe by keeping your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

-Be active listeners by following directions and asking questions.

-Be responsible by coming to class prepared for learning. 


Our Procedures:
-Independently unpacking and packing up.

-Entering and Exiting the classroom appropriately. 

-Raising your hand.

-Quickly and quietly moving from one subject to another or one class to another. 

-Turning in your work in the appropriate place.

-Morning classroom meeting routines. 

-Using the bathroom and getting water at appropriate times. 

-Group work procedures. 

-Asking for help.

-Gaining students attention.