Grading Policies & Classroom Procedures


Grading Policies

and Classroom Procedures 

The following are the grading policies and classroom procedures which will be covered in depth on the first day of class. This section includes: course syllabus, letter to parent/guardian confirming receipt of classroom rules, student information sheet, student rules and procedures checklist, and various hand-outs to be included in the student binder.  These documents are templates which can easily be edited for each respective subject.  Having these documents prepared in advance ensures that I am ready to teach on day one.


Course Syllabus

Mr. Bolduc
Fall 2009

Grading Policies
Final grades are determined by the following: 

Tests:                                                                40%
Quizzes and Notebook:                                    30%
Classwork,and Participation:       30% 
§         Tests

Tests are given at the end of each unit and will always be announced.  They will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions.

§         Quizzes

Quizzes are given on vocabulary, reading assignments, and select material at various times throughout the course. 

  §     Notebook

Notebooks may be checked once a month and will be in the form of a notebook quiz.  See “Notebook Requirements” on the next page for further information.

§         Homework and Classwork

Homework and classwork is always graded.  All assignments are due on the date designated by the teacher.  If an assignment is handed in late, it will be marked accordingly.  Students will lose 10 points each day the assignment is late.

§         Participation

Participation is extremely important in this class.  In order to be successful, you must pay attention and participate in class activities and discussions.  Students who are not on-task, caught sleeping, talking to friends, using their cell phone, out of their seat, or being disrespectful to the teacher will be reminded that participation is crucial to the learning process.  If disruptions continue, a phone call will be made home, detention will be assigned, or you will be referred to the assistant principal.  Disrespectful behavior toward the teacher or anyone else will not be tolerated.  Be polite.

Classroom Procedures


§         Be on time.

§         Stay awake and alert.

§         Bring all materials and assignments to class.

§         Respect others and the property of others.

§         Participate in class activities and discussions.

§         Work hard and do your best at all times.


§         Students will maintain a three-ring binder throughout the school year.

§         All work will be done in pen and turned in on loose-leaf paper.

§         Students must have a hall pass to leave the classroom for any reason.  Passes will not be issued during the first 15 minutes or last 15 minutes of class.

§         Students who are absent will be required to provide an excused note within 5 days of their return.  Otherwise, the absence will be considered unexcused.

These materials are required for this course and must be brought to class daily:

1.      A three-ring binder

2.      Loose-leaf paper

3.      Pens

Notebook Requirements:

All students are required to maintain a 3-ring binder specifically for this class.  Notebooks will be graded once a month as a notebook quiz.  Each notebook will have four page dividers.  Each divider will be labeled and arranged in the following order:


Tab 1:   Classroom Procedures: Course syllabus, course requirements, instruction sheets, various rubrics and so forth will be included in this section.


Tab 2:   Bell-ringer Activities: Daily activities to be completed, dated, and kept in order.


Tab 3:   Hand-outs/Notes/Articles: These items will be kept in chronological order.


Tab 4:   Tests and Quizzes: All tests and quizzes will go in this section as they are valuable tools for exams.

Extra Credit Policy:  There is no curve or rounding of grades.  Extra credit will only be considered for students with no missing or incomplete assignments.  Extra credit is not a substitute for work the student has chosen not to complete and will not be considered as such.   
Tardy Policy: 
1st            Warning
2nd          2nd Warning
3rd           30 Minute Detention
4th            1 Hour Detention
5th            Referral to Office
Detentions may be served after school or during lunch.  Tardies will be kept per 9 weeks.
Make-up Work: 

§         Missed Homework, Classwork, Notebook assignments
Students are responsible for making up any missed homework, classwork, and/or notebook assignments.  Assignments from the previous week are located in the tray on the teacher’s desk.
§         Missed Tests and Quizzes
Any student who misses a test or quiz because of absence will be required to make up the test or quiz on the day they return to school.  The teacher may consider an alternate test date if the student was also absent the day before the test or quiz. 
Make-up test and quizzes may only be taken: 

Ø       Before school

Ø       Teacher’s planning block

Ø       After school

 Cheating & Plagiarism: 

Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.  If a student is caught plagiarizing or cheating on a graded assignment, he or she will receive a “zero” for the assignment, a phone call home to the parent/guardian, and a written referral.  This is very serious and absolutely will not be permitted in this classroom.




IMPORTANT: Please have a parent or guardian sign the following acknowledgement form and return it by _______________________ for your first homework grade. 



Course Syllabus, Procedures, and Policies
Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form 

Mr. Bolduc,

              I have received and read your course syllabus which includes the policies, procedures, and requirements for this
  My child’s name _________________________________________________________

Please include your contact information:
Home Phone: _______________________ Work Phone: _________________________


Cell Phone: ________________________


Parent Email Address: _____________________________________________________


Home Address: ___________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________________ Zip Code: __________________


Parent/Guardian Printed Name: ______________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________________


Date: ______________________________


Your child will earn a 100% for their first homework grade by returning this form by the end of this week.




Mr. Kevin Bolduc

Student Checklist for Classroom Policies and Procedures  

Name: ________________________________________________


1.      Class begins at ____________ and ends at ____________.


2.      Is seating by assignment or student choice?  _________________________________


3.      If I am absent, how do I get my missed work? _______________________________




4.      What happens if I am continually tardy? ____________________________________




5.      What are the consequences for plagiarism or cheating? ________________________




6.      Tests consist of _____________ (percent) of my final grade.


7.      Hall passes will not be issued during the first ______ minutes or last ______ minutes


of class.


8.      I am required to maintain a ___________ binder specifically for this class.


9.      True   /   False  (circle):  Extra credit will NOT be considered if I have any missing


or incomplete assignments.


10.  Detentions may be served after ___________ or during ____________.


11.  Participation in this class is (circle one):


very important   /   kind of important   /   not important   /   not cool.


12.  If I am absent on the day of a test or quiz, I will be required to take the test or quiz


when? ______________________________________________


13.  An absence will be considered unexcused unless I provide the teacher with an


excused note within ______ days of my return to school.


14.   I will lose ______ points each day that a homework assignment is late.

15.   What is my first homework grade? ______________________________________

16.   Notebooks will be checked _________ a month and will be in the form of a notebook _____________.

17.   How are grades curved in this class? ______________________________________

18.   True   /   False   (circle):  Tests will always be announced.

19.   Make-up tests and quizzes may only be taken before school, after school, and _____________________________________.

20.  What is plagiarism? ____________________________________________________


By signing below, I understand and agree to all the policies, procedures, and requirements for this class. 

Student signature: _________________________________________________________

 This checklist must be kept in the Classroom Procedures section of my binder.


Name: _________________________________________________________________  

Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________


City: ___________________________________ Zip Code: _______________________


Home Phone Number: _____________________________________________________


Parent’s Work Number: ____________________________________________________


Parent’s Cell Number: _____________________________________________________


Grade: ____________


Do you have a personal computer at home?      (    )  Yes     (    )  No


Do you have access to the internet?                  (    )  Yes     (    )  No


Do you have an after-school job?                     (    )  Yes     (    )  No