Coach Stanley 6th Grade P.E Class

Welcome!!! Coach Stanley 6th Grade P.E. Class

"Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"  - Kevin Durant

About Me


My name is Kevin Stanley (Coach Stanley). I have been coaching for 4 years. I have a masters in Physical Education. I was born in Brimingham, Alabama and was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I love sports. I used to play football and basketball in high school. Im looking forward to a great school year. Welcome to Coach Stanley's P.E. Class.


Important Dates!!!!


Mile run 8/12

Push Ups 8/24

Exam 10/20


Displine/Rule Policy!!!!


1. Be Safe

2. Make sure you follow directions

3. Have the right clothes to workout in.

4. Have fun!!!!


Weekly Highlight!!!

We will always be doing something everyday that we are in P.E.

Assignments we will have Throughout the school year.

Mile run

Push ups

P.E. Exam


Power Up Online/App

Parent/Guardian can check grades and attendance online!!!


Important Links


Contact Imformation

Kevin Stanley (Coach Stanley)

Ext. 904-000-0000

If you need any questions or concerns please contact me!!