Introduction to Anthropology-for Ed 508

Welcome to my Introduction to Anthropology site.  

The intention of this site is to explore the use of technology in the development of an introduction to Cultural Anthropology.  


Teacher Resources:



Skype: Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, for Free!
In a cultural anthropology class, meeting people in other countries face to face is ideal, and Skype helps make that happen.  This simple techtorial is very useful for getting started:
Working with Wikis
Classes will frequently require students to work together on big projects.  Wikis are fast and effective means of communication, and this techtorial shows us how to use them!  

Content Area Videos:

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass gives us the recipe for making a mummy!

What is anthropology?  Find out here!

Remember: Anthropology is not only about long-ago cultures in far-away places!

Click below to learn about Confucius!

Learn about African Tribal religions!



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