Mrs. Frericks * English Language Arts





1.  Sixth Grade Individual Reading Goal= 300 pages per quarter.  This is due on March 9. Students will have time to read in class, but may need to read some at home.  They should be filling out their Reading Tracker sheets as they go, which are also due on March 9.

2.  Upon completion of an entire book, students should fill out a Plot Organizer to be turned in by March 9.

3.  We have started Book Clubs!  Students are currently working on assignments based upon their particular groups.  We are shooting for Wednesday, Feb. 14 on these, but might move them to next Tuesday, Feb. 20th.

4.  Blizzard Bags #1 and #2 are due on Feb. 19 and Feb. 22, respectively.  Assignments are in my google classroom.  Students are earning grades on these and will also be counted absent if not turned in on time.

5.  We are creating mini projects on Figurative Language with a tentative date due on Wednesday, Feb. 14.  This deadline may be moved back as well, depending upon this week's progress.






Important Dates and INFO:

NO SCHOOL Thursday, Friday, or Monday (Feb. 15, 16, and 19) due to Teacher In-service and Presidents' Day





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