News Letter


For the week of

April 29, 2013






Look at what we are working on...



Religion-Being Happy

Reading-Short vowel Uu; Words are, here

Math- Subtraction

Science - Plants

Phonics - Uu, Xx

Handwriting - Words, Sentences

Spelling - are, here, cup, pup 







Wednesday, May 1 - May Crowning at 8:00 Mass (All are welcome!)

Friday, May 3 - Field Day

Friday, May 10 - Birthday Mass for May, June and July birthdays

Tuesday, May 14 - Park Field Trip

Friday, May 17 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Kindergarten Completion and PreK Completion



May Crowning is on Wednesday, May 1 at 8:00 Mass.  Kindergarten students will be a part of the procession.  Mis has been chosen to carry the crown of roses.  All students are to be in uniform except Mia.  She will be dressed up during Mass, then change to uniform afterwards.

All families are welcome to join us for this celebration of Mary, Our Mother.  We ask that you sit near the back, as all of the students in school will be attending.


The last birthday Mass of the year will be Friday, May 10.  All students celebrating birthdays in the months of May, June and July will have a free dress day.


Field Day is scheduled for Friday, May 3.  If it is going to change due to the weather, we will let you know as soon as we can.

Students will have a free dress day, please be sure to follow dress code policies.  We ask that all students WEAR TENNIS SHOES.  This is for their safety!

Regardless of the weather and if we have field day or not, WE WILL STILL DISMISS AT 12:30!  There WILL BE AFTERCARE.


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