Algebra 1-A

Hello students and parents, this is Mr. Geary, Crittenden County High School Algebra 1 teacher.  This will be the website you should follow this school year for details of assignments for the Algebra 1 class.  Your first assignment is to view the following website:  


This site will show you some of the instructional ideas I have in store this year for this class.  I hope you enjoy the awkward & embarrassing video at the end.  

Though I may not use this method for every lesson this year, please be aware that, in order for this to succeed, you will need either good internet access for your student or at least a DVD player.  We will also be grading this year, with Standard Based Grading.  In other words, students must show mastery of each Learning Target to receive their grade, mastery being 80% or greater.  Please feel free to contact me at for questions.

Last, I recomend students purchase their own calculator for class.  I recommend a TI-30 or above, about $11 & up from Wal-Mart.  Students will need to carry their school binder binder to organize their Learning Targets.  

Thank you & I look forward to beginning a new school year with you in Algebra 1, starting Tuesday, 8/7/12.

Mr. Geary