Chorus FAQs

KGHS Chorus

Most Important Fact: 
Chorus is a performance-based class.

So what makes that different from other classes at KGHS? 

  1. Time

Students will be expected to spend time outside of school at several performances, rehearsals, and events.  In fact, their grade will depend on it.  Please review the calendar on the back and make sure that students have a ride to and from each event planned. 

  1. Money

Students must purchase matching costumes to wear at performances.  Some used costumes may be available for rental in financial hardship cases.  Performances are required and costumes are required in order to perform.  Order forms will be sent home within the first 10 days of class. Monies will be due by the mid February unless other arrangements have been made.

  • Costumes will cost between $65 and $135, depending on the group.  Show Choir students will also purchase shoes, tights and briefs.
  • All students will purchase matching tee shirts which will be required for some performances.  They will cost approximately $20. 
  1. Effort

Successful chorus students are those who work hard every day to improve their vocal abilities and general music skills.   Grades are based on marked improvement in vocal ability as well as level of effort.  Course Expectations and grading procedures are listed in the syllabus on this website. 

  1. Parents

Great, wonderful, patient, caring, and willing parents are needed to help the chorus throughout the school year.  Many parents have made new friends and had lots of fun helping out with chorus.  Parents are especially needed as field trip chaperons, concert helpers, and fundraising man-power.  Parents will receive a survey that collects contact information and identifies which jobs they can be counted on to help with. 

Supplies Needed for Chorus

Each student will need a 2 pocket folder, pencils and loose leaf paper. 

Contact Info

Ms. Laura Roberts, Choral Director, 775-3535,

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