Researching Inventors

Inventors Who Have Changed the World


Did you ever wonder what your life would be like if we did not have electric lights, washing machines, cars, or computers? Our world changes every time there is an important invention.

We will learn about the lives of great inventors and how they achieved their goals. Take a moment to think about which inventions are most important to you. Through this exploration you may discover how these inventions were created!

The Task:

 In this unit you will accomplish the several tasks:

First choose up to four inventors from the list below to research. There is a research page with questions for you to complete for each inventor.

Louis Pasteur

Thomas Edison

Eli Whitney

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Banneker

Robert Goddard

Henry Ford

Alexander Graham Bell

George de Mestral

The Wright Brothers

George Washington Carver



  • Use Netrekker under Richland 2 Homepage, Students, Educational Resources to find information about your inventor and answer the questions in your own words.

  • You will then create a timeline, placing the inventors on the timeline. Use the date of the invention for the timeline. Feel free to put major world events on the timeline.

Hands-On Activity:

 Create a timeline using construction or poster paper. Make sure to use a ruler and add other events to make your timeline interesting.

This webquest was adapted from Lisa Parker.