Howard's Bank and Trust

                                               Howards Bank and Trust 

                                       Ways to earn $$$ 

100% on a test$10
Card on green @ the end of the day$5
Completing job at the end of the week with 0 complaints$15
Caught being good$10
BONUS: 0 cards pulled at the end of the 2 weeks or month$50
                                               Ways to lose $$$ 
Pulled a blue card-$5
Pulled a red card (write-up)-$10
Complaint from another teacher-$5
Losing materials-$5
Not completing job-$10
   Howard’s Bank and TrustReward Center 
$200§       1 item from the prize box
$400§       Sit by a friend for the day§       Sit in the reading corner for the day§       Bring in your favorite CD (approved by Mrs.           Howard)
$600§       Bring a walkman/MP3 player to school for the day§       Design the class bulletin board
$700§       Sit at the teachers desk§       30min of computer time
$800§       Bring your pet to school§       No Homework Pass     
$1000§       Lunch with Mrs. Howard
$2000§       Ice cream for you and two of your friends