Homework Policy

Daily Homework 

Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday.  The normal amount of time that should be spent on homework each night is about 45 minutes.  If your child is spending MORE than 45 minutes a night, please let me know. 

Math homework will be given EVERY night as well as Spelling/Vocabulary homework.  Students will occasionally have English, reading, science, and social studies homework throughout the week.

Occasionally the students will not have homework to allow time for projects or study time.

Reading is very important in fourth grade.  AR goals will be given out for the first half of the trimester.  The second half of the trimester will be dedicated to a specific genre that students will read and do a book project on. Students are expected to read a minimum of 10 pages each night.  A reading log will be kept in their binder and should be signed weekly by a parent.     

Tests Schedule

Spelling test will be administered on Thursdays.  The students’ spelling words will consist of 12 Sadlier Vocabulary words, 5 core-content words, and three review words. 

Reading/Vocabulary tests are given on Fridays.  Students will be tested on the reading skill we learn each week and well as the 12 Sadlier vocabulary words.

Simple Solutions tests are taken on Fridays as well.  The tests consist of problems students practiced on their nightly homework.

Science and Social Studies test will take place throughout the year as well as math chapter tests.  Students will be given these dates in advance to allow proper time to study.