Kate Huddleston - Developmental Writing 1



This website has been created with YOU in mind. It will be a valuable

resource for you throughout the semester.  Here is where you will find 

announcements, assignments, handouts, due dates and educational websites.


 You will also be able to find my e-mail address and phone number in the event you need to get a hold of me.

Please put this site on your "favorites" and become familiar with it early in the semester.  Should

you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.


The best way for you to be successful this semester is to take responsibility for your own education and

realize that you are the only person that can do that.

How Can You Contact Me?                                                                                 Where Can You Leave Me A Message?

kathryn.L.Huddleston@lonestar.edu                                                                                                English Office: Building E, Room 205


Phone: 936-273-2701

Cell: (Emer. Only) 936-446-0379