Week of August 16th

August 16th

Chemistry--Key Terms Due Today.  Notes on 1.2; Dimensional Analysis with metrics, derived units, density

Physics--Finish 2.2 Worksheet.  Additional practice on sig dig calculations p.748 #1-8, 11-12 

AP Chemistry--Review of Ch 1 Packet Problems

August 17th

Chemistry--Discuss Penny Density Lab.  Finish notes on 1.2; Density, physical and chemical properties, more conversion practice using dimensional analysis.

Physics-- Notes on 2.3;  Visualizing Data using tables and graphs (straight line, parabolas, hyperbolas)

AP Chemistry--Ch 1 Quiz.  Chapter 2 Packet Problems 1-5.  Assigned reading Chapter 2.

August 18th

Chemistry-- Penny Density Lab

Physics--Review for Test over Ch 1-2;  Worksheet 2.3

AP Chemistry--Notes on Ch 2: 1-3.  Packet Problems 6-13

August 19th

Chemistry-- Worksheet on 1.2

Physics--Independent study on Ch 1-2; check WS 2.3 in class

AP Chemistry--Independent study on Ch 2: 4-6.  Packet Problems 15-22, 28, 31-33

August 20th

Chemistry--Worksheet on Conversions using dimensional analysis, metric to metric and metric to English.

Physics--Test on Ch 1-2

AP Chemistry--Independent study on Ch 2:  7-8.  Finish packet problems from Ch 2.