Week of September 6th

September 6th

Labor Day-No School

September 7th

Chemistry--Notes on 2.1; 5th period:  WS 2.1.  1st period:  discuss ch 1 test

Physics--Recap of drawing physical models from ch 3; Begin Ch 4  (distance vs displacement; adding vectors; pythagorean theorem)

AP Chemistry--Homework check; Review of Ch 3 packet problems.

September 8th

Chemistry--Notes on 2.2; quiz on reading 2.1, WS 2.1

Physics--Quiz on notes from 4.1 and geometry terms (cos, sin, tan)

AP Chemistry--Chapter 4 Sections 1-3   

September 9th

Chemistry--Element Quiz over 21-30; finish notes on 2.2, WS 2.2

Physics--Finish notes on 4.1; practice problems 5-10 on page 71

AP Chemistry--Test on Chapters 1-3

September 10th

Chemistry--Review and check of WS 2.2, quiz on 2.2; Begin notes on 2.3 Sig Dig

Physics--Quiz on rest of 4.1; Review prob p 77:  #2,4,11-14,16,17,19,21,23,24

AP Chemistry--Liquid Chromotography Lab