School Supplies

2 College rule notebooks or loose leaf paper for math assignments
2 Notebooks of choice to use as journals.
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers (Your choice)
4 Report Covers
3 packages of index cards
1 Package of page protectors (at least 25 sheets)
1 package of fine tip dry erase markers (Expo markers) 
2” binder (please no Trapper Keepers)
 2 reams of copy paper  (500 count) 
Ball point pen 
Good scissors 
Calculator ($1 version is great!) 
2 Packages of Kleenexes
 Glue or glue sticks
 #2 Pencils 
 Pencil box 
5 subject tabbed dividers  (Labeled School Info, Grammar, Math, Science, Social Studies)  
Assignment Notebook ($3 from Hillview Office), Or a daily planner.