Get to know Mrs. Kidd

I graduated from the University of Idaho December 1999.  I started working for the Clark County School District in Dubois teaching jr. high math and some high school classes.  I have taught 4, 5, Title 1, was the testing coordinator and was the head teacher.  I then took two years off to be a mom to my two beautiful children, Trapper (6) and Madison (4).  I started teaching again in 2009 at Hillview.  I loved the class I had last year.  I really appreciated the involvement of the parents.  Hillview has great kids and I can't wait for this school year.

Trapper put a sign on our front door that read, "petting zoo $10".  He isn't far off.  We have 2 dogs, 2 chinchillas, 2 rabbits, and a guinea pig.  We also have 1 fish, but I can't seem to keep fish alive.  This would actually be our 7th fish. 

I love teaching.  I love the interaction and watching my kids grow and learn.  I say my kids because that's what they become.  I am excited about their ah-ha moments when they get something, I am sad when their heart has been hurt by another, and I do whatever I can when I see them struggling.