My Philosophy of Education and Student Discipline

                 Education is key for success in all that we do. "One size fits all" does not work as this will set the students up for failure. Teaching students on their individual levels will assist them to reach their maximum potential. My philosophy of student discipline is that it is  necessary for having an orderly classroom. Student discipline is necessary because if a teacher cannot control what’s going on in their classrooms, then learning will not take place. In order to discipline students, it’s essential to be consistent, respectful, and build a rapport with the students to have order. Many students come from various backgrounds and may have experienced various forms of discipline but as an educator the ground rules of the classroom must be set from the first day of school and if necessary constant reminder of what’s expected of them. It is also important to view each student as individuals because one type of discipline may work for one and not the other. Once a teacher achieves this goal then classroom management will not be a problem for them.