Ms. Kilgore’s Classroom News

For the week of December 17 - 21, 2012

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Specials Schedule Remains the same all year












Reading Story: There will be no spelling words or reading story this week.  We will be reading various winter stories and completing activities. 

We will review concepts previously taught (nouns, verbs, main ideas & details, summarizing, etc).

Social Studies: 7 continents- Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia, and Antarctica; 4 oceans – Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic

Grammar: Being Verbs: Is and Are: Inflectional Endings: ed, ing

Math: Read & Represent Numbers: ones, tens, hundred

Science: Earth’s Resources

See you next year

On January 7, 2013!

Winter Party/Snow-In

Our Winter Party is planned for Thursday, December 20th.

Please allow your child to come to school dressed in his/her pajamas. 

We will be watching the “Polar Express” and eating throughout the day.

Any leftover snacks will be eaten on Friday. If possible, please send in the item checked on your party letter.

Remember to save those Box Tops!



Aniya, Miguel, Lili & Kiersten

These students earned a minimum of 25 points and maintained at least a 80% average on the tests taken. 

Winter Break

Please encourage your child to continue reading over the break.  If you are taking a road trip, bring along some books to read and/or play word games while driving down the road.  Ask questions about the story (who, what, where, when, why).  Asking and answering questions will help improve his/her comprehension.  Make time to read each day for at least fifteen minutes.

Happy Holidays!

School supplies make great stocking stuffers!

(Crayons, erasers, etc..)


Our class will be having our annual Snow-In/Winter Party on Thursday, December 20th. 

Please allow your child to come to school dressed in his/her pajamas. 

We will be reading Christmas/ Winter books, watching holiday movies, and participating in fun crafts. 

Look for a letter with more details coming home soon!

Compass Learning

Website Change compass/wes

Remember to save those Box Tops!

Please sign and return Weekly Planners every Monday. Check your child’s homework folder daily for completed work, notes and homework.


Here are three websites that you might find useful.  

To check your child’s grades, go to the above address, scroll down and click on the Pinnacle Internet Viewer icon. 

Input your child’s ID number and birth date in the following format: MMDDYY.

Input your child’s spelling words for games, instruction and tests on their words.

This is a reading website with many activities.

AR Resource

If you have an Apple I phone or I pad, download the AR Bookfinder app. 

With this app you can scan a book’s ISBN barcode and it will tell you the AR level, quiz number, and how many points its worth. 

This is a great tool for when you are out shopping for books!

How can you help your child?

Go over math facts with your child each night.  1+1=2 all the way through  9+9=18.

S/he should be able to answer their math facts from memory. Our goal is to have students know their facts without having to use their fingers.

You can make flash cards, drill your child while you are driving, anything that helps them to memorize their facts.

Once they know their addition you can begin memorizing subtraction facts.

Please sign Weekly Planners over the weekend and return every Monday. Check your child’s homework folder daily.

 How can I help my child?

Please have your child read to you. Then ask your child who, what, when, where, how, and why questions.

This will help your child comprehend the story better and hopefully do well on their AR test.

Field Trips

We have planned several field trips this year.

Oct. 9th – Riverview High School Planetarium        Cost $5.00

March 22nd –Mote Aquarium        Cost $15.00

May 13th N. Port High- Van Wezel to see Ramona Quimby        Cost $7.00

Chaperones must complete a volunteer form and be fingerprinted to attend the first grade field trips.

Please prepare in advance if you plan on attending our fieldtrips.


Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  In addition there is a book to read to someone at home and sentences due by Friday each week.

The Weekly Planner must stay in the homework folder.  The signed Weekly Planner will be collected every Monday.  Please remove checked work from this folder nightly.

Please sign Weekly Planners over the weekend and return every Monday. Check your child’s homework folder daily.


I need your help.  I am building this year’s class website.  Please visit the site listed above and give me your suggestions of what information you would like to see.

Bell Schedule

School begins at 7:45 and is dismissed at 2:10. If your child will go home differently than the usual way, you must send in a note in the morning to ensure your child uses the correct transportation to get home after school.

If your child arrives at school after 7:45, an ADULT must sign him/her in Mrs. Ridley’s attendance office.


The specials schedule will remain the same every week

Read to Succeed

---Your child will be bringing home books in a blue bag to read and return the next day.  

---If your child forgets to bring a book back, he/she will not be allowed to take another book until the missing one is returned. 

---Have your child fill in the Reading log on the Weekly Planner.


If you would like to be a volunteer at West Elementary please pick up a volunteer application at the front office or you can go online at and click on Human Resources.  Under Online Forms, click Volunteer Application.  Applications must be completed each school year.  If you plan to chaperone on fieldtrips, you will need to be fingerprinted.  Fingerprints are good for five years.

Cowboy Boosters

The cowboy Boosters is our Parent-Teacher Organization that meets monthly (1st Thursday of every month @ 6:00pm in the library) to discuss how to improve our school and plans upcoming fundraisers.