Steps to Sew Beautiful and Trendy Raincoat

Steps to Sew Beautiful and Trendy Raincoat


New sewists often make costumes regularly. Projects on their basic sewing machines are used to practice and improve sewing skills. However, when it comes to unusual projects, some sewists will feel uncomfortable. They do not know where to start and these projects will take a lot of effort when it has too little reference.

Some sewists will also have trouble in choosing sewing machines. Don't worry because I know a lot of useful information that can help you, typically the article Tips To Know What Is A Good Sewing Machine For Beginners To Buy   . And today I will help you make a nice raincoat with the best sewing machine.


Sew rainwear fabric on a sewing machine


The effect of a unique raincoat is to shield you from the rain and express your style. After completing an unusual project, I also believe that you have more confidence for the next project! Are you ready? Here we go!

The first step is choosing a good fabric to sew a beautiful raincoat. If you choose fabrics that are waterproof, your project will not be a raincoat project. The properties of multi-layer Cotton are waterproof and it is extremely suitable for this sewing project.

If you like Disney characters, you can use the templates related to them. If you like simplicity, choose patterns that have less texture. Before choosing a fabric, you can also use water to check its water resistance!

The second thing you should pay attention to is the design session. There are many different ways and it depends on your wishes. You can attach some buttons or accessories to the sleeve or in front of the raincoat to make it stand out.

I like attaching a small belt in front of the raincoat with the help of the best sewing machine for heavy fabrics   . This belt will make your raincoat project more beautiful, more fashionable, and more stylish.



You should choose some interesting and unique buttons to bring a special look to your work. People will pay attention to you whenever you wear a nice raincoat.

The last thing I want to share with you is the washing session. Don't think you can't wash a raincoat! If you want to use your raincoat for a long time, wash it as soon as you finish this sewing raincoat project. Use a wet cloth to clean your beautiful raincoat after you use it.

Do not wash with the machine because the raincoat will easily tear. You should wash it by hand with a cloth and some soap to make the raincoat smell good. After washing the raincoat, you should keep it flat. Fold it gently and you'll have a nice raincoat for use on rainy days.



If you like sewing something special, why don't you start with a raincoat? Use your creativity to create the most beautiful raincoat thanks to the help of the best basic sewing machine for beginners   . Pay attention to color and design because they will determine the style of your raincoat. When you have completed the raincoat project, I believe you can be comfortable with other unusual projects. Good luck!