Information for Parents

Class Happenings
Second Grade:  Over the last few weeks, the second grade CLUE students at Downtown Elementary have been engaged in a study entitled "Goign for the GOld in 2011."  During this study, they are researching gold and exploring the story of the Midas Touch.

Third Grade: 
They will be beginning a study on the acclaimed children's book author Chris Van Allsberg.  This study will include a trip to the Brooks Museum to participate in their "To Tell a Story" program, which they will leave with a handmade book.

Fifth Grade: 
The students in fifth grade have been reading the novel A Wrinkle in Time.  Along with their literature exploration, they are conducting research on space.

Sixth Grade:  The sixth grade students are wrapping up a study on Greek Mythology.  Highlights from the study included creating greek gossip columns (see Sixth Grade Student Work Gallery), and writing their own original greek myths,which they will later bring to life by making claymation videos.

Upcoming Events
February 23rd - The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade CLUE classes will be attending the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Memphis to see Black Violin, a fushion of hip hop and classial music. Students will be walking to this field trip.

Volunteer Opportunities
February 23rd - We will be looking for adult chaperones to join us on our field trip to the Orpheum Theater.