Weekly Learning, Homework, and Projects

I am posting what we will be studying this week on this page. I will update this each week to reflect what your student is working on. I will post homework assigments and projects that your student will need to work on at home on this page. 

There will be a few long term projects over the year that will require some work to be done at home. I will put information about these projects on the website a few weeks in advance when possible with start date, due date, project description and goals, and supplies needed.


Spelling words are listed below, but I forgot to hand them out to the students this afternoon. They may start their spelling work by doing any of the activities they remember from the list. As usual, it is three activities with all words unless noted in a particular activity that it does not use all of the words.


Math this week:

We will begin Unit 6 which is all about Geometry. Students will learn about two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and solve word problems involving shapes. This is usually a fun and engaging unit. It will be a welcome break from the difficulty of the previous unit.
Language Arts this week:

We are reading and writing peersuasive text in the current unit. This week, we will look at commercials and advertisements to identify how they persuade us to do or buy something. Do they use humor, emotion, scare tactics, making the product look like something you can't live without, etc.? When watching television with your student, have them watch the commercials and identify how they are persuading you to buy the products.

Science this week:

We have finished our study of the Solar System and will work on a very short unit on weather this week. Students will complete a weather chart that tracks the weather in our area and in another region with different weather from ours. At the end of the week, they will compare the weather in the two regions.


Social Studies this week:

Our new unit in social studies involves how businesses operate. This includes how a business decides how much to charge for their goods or services, how scarcity of a resource makes impacts sale and production of goods, and how supply and demand affects the price of goods and services. This is a topic that is a little outside of a third grader's experiences, so we are trying to make it fun and relevant to them by having them create simple fictitious budgets and business plans.


I would like students to continue working  on their multiplication factsfrom 0-10 at home. They should know these from memory. It will make all the math we do for the rest of the year so much easier. If you would like resources for practice, or reinforcement of skills and concepts, go to the school website: Douse Student Links and go down near the bottom of the page and click on Student Links. There are many educational websites there that students can work on at home. I am also sending home spelling homework this week, and I am going to make a very concious effort to see that it goes home each week. I have made new homework folders with new activity sheets and this week's words stapled inside. Students will place their finished work in the pocket on the side with the words and turn it in on Friday or when complete. Students who do not turn in homework or turn in incomplete homework will not go to Fun Friday recess on Friday afternoon.

Spelling Words Week of February 5.