Mrs. Jones' 3rd Grade Class 2017-18

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

I know this is going to be a year filled with learning, discovery, exploration, investigation, and most importantly, FUN!

I will do my best to ensure that this web page is frequently updated with class news, events, reminders, and other important information for both students and parents.

I plan to also include daily homework assignments, projects that the class will be working on including supplies that will be needed for the project, if any, and due dates. I will attempt to have information about upcoming projects and supplies needed well ahead of time so that you are not running to Walmart at 9:00 PM for poster board (been there, done that) :)

For now, I would just like to say WELCOME to my class and I look forward to a wonderful year!

“Laughter is Timeless,

Imagination has no Age, and 

Dreams are Forever.”
- Walt Disney

Helpful Links

Killeen ISD Website

Alice W. Douse Website

Student Links - includes many different resources to provide additional support for all areas of instruction if you would like to have your student do extra work at home.

Home Access Center (Grades)

Bloomz access code: MB2USB

TEKS Resource System - this site lists all of the standards students are expected to master. On the login page, go towards the bottom and click where it says Parent or Guest? Then choose 3rd grade and whatever subject you would like to learn more about. This is the same resource that we use to guide our instruction in class.

ABCya - this site has many educational games that allow students to learn in a fun way.


I will add websites here throughout the school year that I think students and their families will find helpful, informational, or educational.