Element 1

Element 1 – Teachers know their subject content and how to teach that content to their students. 

Appendix A & B – covers the following criteria.


I have demonstrated knowledge of subject content including lessons that incorporate multiple Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) in addition to having strong knowledge of ICT, how to implement and teach it in the classroom through my knowledge of pedagogy. My lessons have strong links to the NSW curriculum with clear syllabus outcomes and indicators, which are both appropriate to the lesson and the stage of the students. The use of questioning in my lesson plan indicates Intellectual quality in the Quality Teaching model as it enables students to communicate and show understanding of the key concepts of the lesson. Furthermore, having students make links between these key concepts being investigated and contexts beyond the school supports the Quality Teaching element of Significance.


I will further develop my lesson plans and resources for future practicums in order to collect the most appropriate evidence to support my ability as a graduate teacher. In order to do this, I need to think and organise my portfolio more clearly to determine what practices I still need to achieve and how I can prove this through my portfolio. It will be essential that I make links with the Quality Teaching model to ensure that I am designing quality, intellectual significant lessons for the students.


I believe that having a thorough knowledge of your subject content is an essential requirement in order to be more confident in your abilities as a teacher. If there is an area that is not your strong point however, sourcing and utilising teachers who are more confident can prove very useful for both the students and the teachers. Saving time on resources as both teachers do not need to source materials for the subject, lessens the planning needed by both teachers (and you can share your lessons plans later), reduces the stress and worry about not being confident what you are teaching and most importantly, ensures that what the students are learning is quality and relevant.

Appendix A

Key Learning Area/s

English and ICT
OutcomesSyllabus outcomesWS3.12 – Produces texts in a fluent and legible style and uses computer technology to present these effectively in a variety of ways.Learning outcomes (indicators) -       Uses computer software programs and associated technology to format a variety of texts-       Varies font and layout to suit particular audience and purpose-       Chooses appropriate graphics to accompany text-       Designs and organises information for a web page
Lesson focus Teach how to use webpage building program to assist with advertisement project
Links with previous learning Worked on advertisement project and continuation of previous introductory lesson
Specific indicators of learningAssessment strategies
Uses graphicsHas completed task – designed a web pageWriting is clear and conciseParticipates in group discussionwork samplework samplework sampleObservation
Go around the class, introduce myself and ask students to tell me their names and 1 thing about themselves.Revise what we did previous lesson – building personal web pages. Tell them that we are going to look at adding links and pictures to the page today. In addition, half the class will be painting their boxes for the advertising project, the other half will be doing this, and then they will swap over.10 minsWebpage building program ‘Blackcat Spider’Computer
Open up Blackcat spider program.Show them as a class how to add a link. Show them how to add a photo.Send them to their computers to do these tasks. Get them to put in at least 2 links and 3-4 pictures.Once they have finished this, bring them back as a whole class and review some of their finished pages.Have a discussion about - What were the hardest things to do?What do they like the most about their page?What styles they could use for their advertising web pages?What kind of information they might include in their page?What kind of things they want to do on their page but don’t know how to do?Some groups swap to paint their boxes.Extension – if time permits, some groups can start working on advertising web page.25 mins 
View second lot of personal web pages. Use questions from above discussion to discuss.Electronic hangman if time permits.10 mins 

Appendix B