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English Themes/Homework

Kinder English Themes

During the months of  October, November and December we will be looking at our body, clothes, senses, house and family, as well as food and hygiene. 


Body - eyes, ears, nose, mouth, face, hair, head,

legs, body, arms, hands, feet, finger, thumbs, toes and feet. 

                                  Houses -  roof, windows, doors (rectangle, square and triangle)

                                  Family - mum, dad, brother, sister, grandpa and grandma       

                           Food - fruit and vegetables, banana, orange, strawberries, grapes, lemon, apple, 

potatoes, onion, tomato, carrots, corn.


English Homework

In all grades we encourage parents to read to their children.  It is especially important that children are read to in kinder, we therefore ask that you take time to share a book with your child everyday. 

In order to reinforce the letter sounds they have been learning in class, it is also important that they continue to practice on the ABC's page of www.starfall. com (please see below).  This will also help to prepare them for Kinder 3.



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