English Homework

Children will be required to do a little homework every day in English.  The homework will be typed up, and pasted in your child’s homework book once a week. Homework will vary from week to week. Reading is also included in the homework. I would also like to ask that you take the time to read and share a book with your child every day.

As a supplement to the weekly homework, it would be very helpful for students to try to watch some television in English.  This will not only help to expand their vocabulary but also to help them understand how words should sound, how to put sentences together and also improve their ability to understand spoken English. 

Here is a list of educational television shows that are in English:

The Big Comfy Couch, Arthur, The Magic School Bus, Sid the Science Kid, Mr. Dress-up,Recess, Wishbone,  Dragon Tales, Thomas the Tank Engine, Clifford. 

Tarea de español

Se recomienda hacer tarea todos los días, cuando lleven el libro deben revisar las páginas amarillas, en los cuadernos de matemáticas y español hay que hacer dos líneas o seguir las indicaciones. Usamos la agenda para recomendaciones generales, comunicación y registro de libros leidos.

Los viernes llevamos tarea para compartir con la familia.