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Miss Fletcher's Kindergarten Class Page 
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Academy of Math & Science
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August News

Hi everyone, Miss Fletcher here. 
Let me first start off by welcoming everyone to our classroom website.  I am excited to be able to link our classroom to the home!
This is going to be an excited school year and I am excited to be apart of your childs first year of Elementary School!!

Things you need to know about the website:
- This is a work in progress.  This is my first year teaching and my first classroom website, so bare with me as I get the hang of this website.
- I will try to update it weekly with things you may need to know, but always check your childs homework website on the Academy of Math and Science website HERE daily.
- On this home page I will have important news for the classroom and the school.  Also I will post things here when our classroom may need help (whether that is with volunteers or donations for projects).
- For now there are ads on the page, I dont know if I will be able to get rid of them or not, but they are there for now. 
I DO NOT pick the ads, so I am sorry if there are things that dont apply to you or if you do not like an ad.  Please ignore them if you can.

Things you need to know about the class this month:
- We are going to be focuing on the classroom rules, learning about each other and our families
- We will be having homework EVERY night so please look for it in your childs homework folder everyday.

Things you need to know about the school:
- Our school website is
- Our school calendar is HERE
- School starts at 7:55 am and ends at 2:58 pm
- The school phone number is 293-2676