The 312 Gazette



I hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend. See you tomorrow morning. Don't forget we have Cogat Testing this week, and IOWA testing next week. 



We have been very the past 3 weeks. We are continuing to practice our classroom and school routines. In reading, we have been working on increasing our reading stamina (how long we can read.) In writing, we have been writing about many of our favorites: games, foods, vacations, holidays, etc. In science we have been learning about rocks and in social studies we have been studying civics and government. In math we have been working on place value, rounding, and word problems. 


Please join us for Open House on 8/28 and Kroger Night on 8/30.


The first 3 days of school are in the books. Your children have done an amazing job with learning the rules and procedures. Enjoy the weekend and see you Monday for our first full week of school.



This is our class website. I will post information about all things third grade on this site. I will add information about homework, as well as what we are learning in each subject and what technology we are using in the classroom. We have a new science program and a new social studies program in place for this year. I am very excited to be working with you, as part of the team to help your child succeed!