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The second maintenance method: winter is approaching, after winter snow or after car wash, the sunroof glass and sealant frame may be frozen, but if you open it with brute force at this time, it may damage the sunroof motor. And its rubber sealing strip, Xiaobian here Home Appliance Metal Parts to tell everyone the correct way, that is, after the snow or after the car wash, immediately open the sunroof, dry the moisture on the edge, so that it is possible to avoid the sunroof being frozen.

The third maintenance method: For the electric sunroof, on the bumpy road, it is best not to open it completely, because it may cause vibration between the sunroof and the motor, and some components may be deformed, which may seriously damage the motor.

The above three maintenance methods are the little knowledge that Xiaobian brings to everyone today. In fact, the practicality of the skylight is also very strong, but it will also bring certain troubles to the owners. Therefore, the owners must pay attention to the skylights. Maintenance so that it can extend its useful life.

Get 2 Months for $5!