Acceptable Technology Use Policy

In an Acceptable Technology Use Policy it should include:

Information about the reasons why we as a school use technology 

Responsibilities and Rights of Use

Risk of Using Technology

Disciplinary Actions

Privacy Expectations

Rules of Technology Use

Non Liable agreement 


The Michael King Districts Schools offers the use of technology to all MKDS students. We provide technology to help each and every student of MKDS to reach all parts of the world. The use of this technology allows students to access information outside of the classroom to become a better student and provide tremendous opportunities for enhancing, extending, and rethinking the learning process. The goal of the district is with this access to help teachers, staff and students to innovate and reimagine the way we think to better influence the world. 

1. Students are to use internet access strictly for educational purposes. Examples of prohibited sites are:

  • social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Media or streaming music media (Pandora, YouTube, Spotifiy)
  • Gaming or Gambling sites
  • pornographic or sexual explicit content
  • site that promote racialism, racism, hate speech or violence of any kind

2. Students are not allowed to use technology for the use of bullying or harassing others. 

3. Students are not allowed to access others privacy or act as another identity for any reason. 

4. Students are to follow all copyright, plagiarism and fair use standards that are listed in the district handbook.

5. Students are not to use any technology in any manner that is against school rules or district handbook.

6.Students are not allowed to use the VPN's or similar programs to limit the network security functions on school or personal devices. 

7. MKDS is a BYOD (Bring your own device) district. Students are to follow all rules list above on personal devices while on school property or using school network. 

8. MKDS is not liable for any lost or deleted material 

Consequences: Failure to adhere to these guidelines, conditions and rules of this Acceptable Use Policy will result in disciplinary and/or legal action, according to the Code of Conduct. The ultimate consequences are at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.

The Michael King District Schools make no warranties of any kind for the technology services provided. The user will be responsible for repair or replacement of equipment damaged by malicious or inappropriate use as defined by this policy. Protection of data is the responsibility of the user. The district will not be responsible for any loss in service or data. Use of all technology and networks is at one's own risk. The school system is not responsible for verifying accuracy of any information obtained through the technology or network.



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