Home Support

If you're looking to help your child continue to develop at home, here are a few ways you can accomplish that.

1. Use flashcards*

Making your own flashcards is a great way to help your child practice what they've been taught in school.  You can use index cards, post-it notes, or simply cut out pieces of paper.  On each card write a new letter, word or number.  In school we use them to review the days of the week, seasons, red words, numbers, and number words.  You can use them however you like.

2. Read, read and read some more*

Simply reading a story to your child each night can significantly improve their literacy skills.  Have your child follow along by pointing to each word and allow them to read independently to you if you feel that are ready.  You can also review what good readers are supposed to do when they read.

Good readers read from top to bottom.

Good readers read from left to right.

Good readers match their voice to the words they read.

Good readers get their mouth ready when they come to a difficult word.