Behavior Plan      

     There is a behavior chart in your child's folder.  At the end of each day your child will color the appropriate box depending on his/her behavior for that day.  This is to keep you informed of your child’s behavior.  Please check it everyday.         

      I have included the code below.  It is similar to a traffic light. 

GREEN = Your child had a great day following directions and listening to the teacher. 

YELLOW = Your child received 2 warnings for disobeying a school/class rule.  Warnings are just reminders to help the children use more self-control. 

ORANGE = Your child kept behaving inappropriately after the 2 warnings and lost 5 minutes of playtime. 

RED = Your child has displayed unacceptable behavior.  I would follow up with a note or a phone call explaining what happened.  Your child will usually earn a consequence such as being removed from a fun activity/center/playtime or maybe visiting the principal.      

     Everyone starts the day on green.  The students will be in charge of changing their name card to yellow, orange, or red if they misbehave.  I think it’s a great way for the children to visually see the consequence and hopefully internalize the rules better to use more self-control (something every kindergartener needs to practice sometimes).     

     I always remind the students that if they get warnings or any other consequence, it does not mean I am angry at them or that I don’t like them.  I may be disappointed in their behavior, but I know they can do better.     

      Please take the time each evening to look at your child’s chart.  Praise him/her for a green light.  Also, be aware that yellow and orange lights can be pretty common in kindergarten.  Kindergarteners usually get warnings or consequences for talking during inappropriate times, interrupting, or not raising their hand.  (Note: I will contact you if your child gets numerous orange lights.)   

Thank you for your support!

Ms. Iovino