Algebra Syllabus



I.                    Grading:This class will use weighted assignment. Daily work will make up 20% of your grade, Quizzes will make of 30% of your grade, and Tests and other Assessment will make up the remaining 50%.  Letter Grading ScaleA:    100-90B:    89-80C:    79-70D:    69-65F:    64-0
  I.                    Class Procedure:·         Students who are absent are responsible for turning in their make-up to the teacher, and picking up their missed assignments.·         Upon the start of the class, students should be seated in their seat.·         We will try to maximize our instructional time, therefore once you are in the classroom there will be no leaving. GCHS has given each student a hall pass, these may be used at the teachers discretion, and once they are gone there will be no more given.

·         Students are responsible for bringing their own material to class. Pencil and paper will be needed everyday. Students will be able to leave a personal three ring binder or notebook in the classroom if they want.

  I.                    Content to be covered:The class will cover core content as required by the Kentucky Department of Education. For specific information on this, you can go online at of Operations                         Properties                            Linear EquationsProbability / Statistics                      Functions                              SystemsExponents                                            Quadratics                           PolynomialFactoring                                             Radicals
          Parent ContactsIt is important that you know what is going on with your child in my class. Therefore the best way to contact me is through email: may also contact me at school (859-792-2146) during my planning period 1:30-3:00.