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Hello fellow teachers,

This is a page specifically to help you and other teachers in great resources to use for visuals during math group and math time.  


Strategy for Place Value (Base Ten Blocks)

This will be used when teaching place value.



Free: Teacher signs up and has the students sign up using class code through school email. One pro is that it keeps students attention and is like a video game keeping students attention. One con is that if your school does not use it then the families have to pay themselves.

Prodigy allows students to learn about decimals and place value through various game levels which are download directly on the school's Ipads or the student's own Ipad, computer, or Iphone. Students can play the math game at home anytime and all the time at home as long as the student has the classroom code. This does not need WIFI access, just an electronic device.


Strategy for Triple Digit by Two Digit Multiplication (Color Coordinating)

This will be used when teaching standard algorithm for triple digit multiplication.


Math Antics-

Created by Rob and Jeremy of Math Plus Motion, LLC.


Free: Anyone can look at the videos, it is completely free. One pro is how the creators have many videos for any age of students. One con is that if you want to see their excercises, worksheets, and examples you have to subscribe and pay $20 for a year.

Math Antics allows students to learn multiplication through various videos which you can find on any website that goes directly on your Ipad or computer. Students can watch the video anywhere. The video teaches kids in a fun way how to do triple digit multiplication from 1 digit to another 3 digit number.  


Strategy for Dividing Mixed Numbers By Fractions (Using Models)

This will be used for teaching standard algorithm for dividing. 


Learn Zillion-

One co-founder has been a principal so this site is teacher made

Free and Costly: This website has curriculum for math, english language arts, technology, and more to use for your students. It is very interactive and is set up to be easily followed. One pro is that it has some free curricula that you can look at and has so much information. One con is that the website makes it hard to understand how much it costs. 

Learn Zillion allows students to learn dividing mixed numbers by fraactions through videos and materials you can use during the video or after. This is another website that can be used on any Ipad or computer. Students can watch this video and answer the instructor's questions on dividing mixed numbers by fractions. This helps students to visually see how to divide mixed numbers by using models after seeing the video.