Kivy's Math Klass

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Remember, anyone can learn math...just have the patience and try...Laughing

Hey guys, I am going to start doing math tutoring from the home for ages kindergarden through 8th grade alegebra.  So if you know of anyone or if your own child needs help with math, let me know. 

I am a certified math teacher for 4-8, ESL and Special Education. I am currently working on my master of art in teaching (elementary, secondary and special education). 

Sessions would be up to discussion depending on the childs needs.  Anywhere from once or twice a week during the school year and up to four times a week this summer (an hour to hour and a half each session).

We would first do a pre-test to see where your childs strengths and needs are and then set up lessons from there.  The curriculum would be student expectation based (the TEKS) as well as hands on activities to help them grasp the concept better.  We would practice real life math as well as train on how to get around the confusing questions they often give the kids on TAKS.  I have seen intellegent children that KNOW math fail the TAKS test, so I would love to help them learn the tips/tricks to beat the confusion so that they can excel in every category.

Until summer I am available:
Mondays: 7pm-9pm
Tuesdays: 5-6:30
Wednesdays: 6pm-9pm
Thursdays: 5pm-9pm
Fridays: 5pm-9pm
Weekends: up to discussion
Once the summer comes I am available 8am-5pm any day of the week.
current rate is $25/hr (once/twice a week)...
summer rate $25/hr (individual sessions)...$66/wk (3 sessions/wk...pre-paid)...$100/wk (5 sessions/wk...pre-paid)

summer time is the perfect time to get your kids either caught up from what they did not learn the previous year or get them ahead for the upcoming year.  don't wait till your child is in school to start learning math.  as young as pre-k can begin learning to add and subtract, and EVERY child needs to learn how to deal with counting in the real world (like money)!



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