September 10th

Today in science we continued to learn about metric conversions. This is a difficult concept, so we will continue to practice them tomorrow.

During math, we reviewed "Our World of Real Numbers" and we will continue the lesson tomorrow. The next step will be to learn how to add and subtract using a number line consisting of integers.

We started to read the book "Blubber" today. I figured we would start off with an easy one. We will be applying our knowledge of character traits to the characters of the book. The intent is to write a character analysis. The theme of the book is bullying, so it fits in well with Wamsutta's anti-bullying movement.

Ancient India is the current topic for social studies. We will learn how the georaphy and the climate affected life during that time, as well as the Buddist religion.

Everyone has an ELA packet for homework, working on identifying the main idea of a piece of writing. A math worksheet also went home to be completed tonight. It is a review of previous concepts.