Developmental Reading


Lesson Plans for Grading Period 1:

8th Grade Sight Words List:

wks. 1-2:

  • Learn how to identify a main idea of a passage.
  • Learn to write a passage with the main idea in mind.
  • Identify the main idea and supporting details in the following passages:  Sea Turtles, and Unhappy Firsts.
  • Write about a "Mysterious Note In My Lunchbox" focusing on responding to all parts of the writing prompt.
  • Grammar Focus:  Proper Nouns and Common Nouns
  • Vocabulary list 1:  definitions and sentence completion
  • Read and discuss "Wish You Were Here" and use the story to practice expressing opinions and providing supporting details.
  • Read a nonfiction passage and use it to identify important details to create a graphic organizer to help explain. 

Wks. 3-4:

  • Vocabulary List 2:  definitions, spelling, and sentence completion.
  • Write about the newspaper article from the future.
  • Learn how to write a newspaper article.
  • Study articles from newspapers and identify main idea and summarize with bullet point method.
  • Read short story The Chaser and rewrite sentences from the story inserting current vocabulary words.
  • Learn how to summarize short reading passages using complete sentences. 


  • Learn about Irony and how it shapes a reader's perspective.
  • Practice identifying the three types of irony with worksheets and class activities.
  • Complete a literary analysis form for two short stories, focusing on the use of irony in each story.
  • Work on summary writing and identifying main points in a passage.
  • Work from 7th grade grammar practice workbooks:  verb tense, nouns, and run-on sentences. 



Lesson Plans for Second Grading Period:

Wks. 1-2:  Analyzing and Writing About Themes Found in Tuck Everlasting  (Click on the tab above for the novel)

What's the Big Idea?:  How to Identify a theme:

Searching for a Theme:

Use this link to access the comprehension questions and vocabulary activities for each chapter:

  • Read and discuss the novel Tuck Everlasting.      (Chapters 10- Epilogue)
  • Complete the reading comprehension activities found by clicking on the Tuck Everlasting tab.
  • Learn how to identify a theme by first identifying various topics and then writing "theme sentences" based upon the topics.  
  • Learn how to write an effective introductory paragraph for an essay on theme.
  • Write an introductory paragraph identifying a theme for the novel.  This will be included in the student's writing portfolio.  
  • Sight Words List 3:  Definitions, Sentences, and Activities