MS Social Studies

Standards :

8.3.1, 8.3.4, 

Lesson Plans for Grading Period 1:

Wks. 1-2:

Learning About Our Country Through Maps:  States, Capitals, Boundaries, Types of Maps

  • 50 states wordsearch for identification of our 50 states. 
  • 50 Capitals wordsearch for identification of our 50  capital cities.
  • Locating, labeling, and color coding the United States map.
  • Understanding and Identifying the different types of maps as well as the tools on a map. (Political, Special Purpose, Physical Map)
  • Reading activities based on Indiana geography and labeling the map according to information in the passage.
  • Learning the capitals of each state and label on map.
  • Making your own map of a "new" state with appropriate tools and information.
  • Learning how to read a road map and give directions from city to city.
  • Using a reading passage about Native American history in Indiana to creates a special purpose map.

Chapter 1:  The First Americans

  • Reading the chapter summary worksheets and responding to the questions.
  • Researching topics related to Native American migration and preparing a short powerpoint presentation to share with the class. 

Wks. 3-4:

Chapter 1:  The First Americans

  • Create 4 powerpoint slides to demonstrate comprehension of migration theories presented in Lesson 1 and in class. Students should have a slide to explain the theory they feel is most likely and why.
  • Read chapter 1 Lesson 2 and discuss in class.
  • Complete lesson 2 summary worksheets. 
  • Complete a reading comprehension passage about the first inhabitants and respond to the questions. 
  • Learn about the alphabet and numbers used by the Mayans and Aztecs.  Do math problems using the Mayan numbers.

Wks. 5-6: 

  • Complete research on the Mayan and Aztec empires.  Created 5 powerpoint slides, adding to the slides for lesson 1.  Students may research some aspect of Mayan or Aztec culture - like cooking for example. 
  • Video for Ancient Empires:
  • Complete research on the Hopewell and Olmec civilizations to include with Chapter 1 powerpoint presentations.
  • Present slideshows to class as an oral report on Chapter 1.
  • Chapter 1 test. 
  • Chapter 1 art project:  Native American art:  Aztec calendars.


Lesson Plans for Grading Period 2:

Wks. 1-2:  Chapter 3:  

  • Lesson 1 and 2 notes and discussions.
  • Lesson 1 and 2 Reading Guides and worksheets.
  • Lesson 1 and 2 Powerpoint Activities.