Mrs. Kowalski's Day Treatment Website


Welcome to Mrs. Kowalski's website for English classes at the Day Treatment facility.  Here you will find all the important resources and lesson plans for the JHS and HS classes.  To access resources for each class, please click on the appropriate tab above.  

About Your Teacher:                                    

I have been teaching for over twenty years.  I have taught French, English, Etymology (the study of word origins), Social Studies, and Basic Skills classes.  I have taught middle school and high school classes at the YOC since 2015 and was selected as Teacher of the Year for 2016.  

Classroom Procedures:

Students will enter the room quietly and sit at the desk where I have placed their class folder.

Students will begin each class with a bellringer activity.  Bellringers may include:  vocabulary practice, grammar exercises, reflection questions, short reading passages, or writing activities.  Students should know to look for the bellringer as they enter the room and immediately start to work on it.

There will be time during each class to discuss and practice important skills pertaining to the class.  There will also be time to ask questions.  Please feel comfortable to ask for help with any work we are completing.  

Students will be collecting work samples throughout the semester to be placed in a student portfolio.  The work selected for the portfolios will be examples of the students' best work, demonstrating proficiency of a given skill.  

At the end of each class, I will ask for help in cleaning up our areas and returning materials to the proper areas.  During this time, I will fill out behavior sheets for each student.  If a class receives all 2's for the week, a reward will be given to the class.  Be a good citizen and encourage your classmates to do their best.  

Classroom Expectations:

All YOC  and MCS policies and procedures will be followed during class.  There is an expectation that all students will behave in a manner that will maximize his or her learning and will not disrupt the learning of others in the classroom.

Please enter the room quietly and go to your seat immediately.

Please come prepared to work from the start of class until the very end.

Please be respectful of all people in the room.  This includes yourself, other students, staff, and teachers.

Please raise your hand to request permission to move about the room.

Please take care of classroom supplies and materials. 

Please direct all questions to me first.  If you need to ask a staff person a question, please check with me first so that you do not disrupt class.

Restroom breaks are provided throughout the school day.  Please take care of business then.  In the event of an emergency, you may ask me for permission to go to the bathroom.  However, you should be aware that you may receive a 0 on your behavior sheet for the day.  


Thank you for contributing to your class in a positive way!


        With a positive attitude, you will...