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(Ms. Daniels, Ms. Espino, Ms. Cordrey, Mr. Kwasny)

WELCOME students, parents, and family to the TEAM D.E.C.K. parent/student information access website!  It is our mission to work closely and openly with all of you during this very exciting time in our students educational careers.  We hope to bring open communication and access to the forefront and know that this medium will serve as a way for both students and parents to account for what is happening in our classrooms on a regular basis.  If you ever have any questions regarding your child's coursework and need to speak with any of us please view the homework section or contact us through phone/email.


               BIOLOGY                                                                    ENGLISH                                                        



              ALGEBRA                                                         WORLD HISTORY                                





Ms. Daniels Ms. Espino Ms. Cordrey Mr. Kwasny