Research Guide: Migrant Workers/Labor Camps

Research Guide

Migrant Camps/Migrant Laborers:                                                    

 1.       Your group will need to report on at least 4 of the following topics:

a.       History of Migrant Camps

b.      Hardships faced

c.       Life in the camps

d.      Modern migrant camps

e.       Labor Unions/UFW

f.       Cesar Chavez


2.        Your group will need to watch the PBS documentary series found at:

             **Make sure you watch all 3 episodes on the Flores family.

             **Incorporate this information into your presentation.


3.        Find images of those in migrant camps.  You can click here to view my PowerPoint or find it posted under “Resources” of the "Process" tab of the WebQuest for samples.

a.        Take notes on what you see

b.      Don’t forget you will need to include images in your presentation


Additional websites you can find information: (video of dust storm)