Research Guide: Mexican Immigration Today

Research Guide

Mexican Immigration Today :                                              


 View one of the documentaries (or series of clips) listed below.

Take notes to answer the following questions:

a.       Why do Mexicans immigrate to America?

b.      What challenges do they face in route?  When they arrive?

c.       What are the benefits for immigrants and for the country when people from other lands settle here?

**We should see evidence from your video choice in your presentation

Video Choice 1:  This 60-minute 3-part film provides a window into issues along the border between the United States and Mexico

            Magdial Clip 1

            Magdial Clip 2

            Magdial Clip 3


Video Choice 2:  Project describes life of Mexican families coming to US for work

            Beyond Borders Part 1

            Beyond Borders Part 2

            Beyond Borders Part 3

            Beyond Borders Part 4


Video Choice 3:  Project describes difficulties at the Mexico-US border

            Smuggler's Gulch

            Customs and Ports

            Border Patrol Agents (audio clip)

            Border Patrol Agents 2 (audio clip)


Video Choice 4:  Under the Same Moon

*You can check this movie out from me, the PVLD, or rent it on iTunes at home

*You will need to get parent permission to watch due to the PG-13 rating.  See me for the permission slip.

            Click here to learn about the film and watch the trailer


Video Choice 5:  Dying to Get In (Documentary)

*You can check this movie out from me, or rent it on Amazon at home

            Click here to view the trailer


Video Choice 6:  Crossing Arizona (Documentary)

*You can rent it on Amazon at home

            Click here to view the trailer


Additional Websites to help you:

Simplified Timeline of Immigration Laws/Events

A Sample Naturalization Test (Would you pass?)

Photo Galleries Of Beyond Borders' Project

Immigration Debates and Current Topics

 Undocumented Immigrant (video)